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Faith Royce

 Family Isolation

For my exhibition series, Family Isolation, I focused on the theme of isolation. COVID-19 has changed our everyday lives in many ways. For my series, I documented my sisters and how they have been affected by the pandemic and how school has been different for them. I tried to make my photos look dramatic. I wanted to show the contrast between a teenager in high school and a first grader and how each have adjusted to learning online.

In my photographs, I wanted to show the similarities and the differences experienced between my sisters. One of the differences is how they start their day, the older one of the two gets up and puts on makeup and takes a longer time getting ready. The younger one will take less time getting ready. Something similar they do is that they eat and hang out in the same space. By capturing what my sisters do throughout the day, I discovered how each approached learning in a virtual environment.  

I was influenced by Sally Mann, an American photographer born in Lexington, Kentucky. Her family photos influenced me quite a bit because I am documenting what my sisters are doing through the day in the pandemic like she documented her children throughout the day. Her photos also look very dramatic, which I hope I could portray in my images.

About the Photographer:

Faith Royce was born in Randolph, Vermont and lived there for 13 years before moving to Queensbury, New York. She started her high school career at Queensbury High School and graduated in June of 2020. She is currently working to get her A.A.S. degree in Media Arts at SUNY Adirondack Community College. Once she graduates college, she hopes she can start her own photography business.

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