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Natalya Parsels

The Hotel Room Series

“Suddenly this camera, this thing, allowed me to move around the world in a certain kind of way, with a certain kind of purpose.” Carrie Mae Weems

For me, being behind a camera lens is as if I stepped into another world. A world where I see people from a whole different perspective, a world where I am confident in myself and in those around me. In my photographs, I strive to imitate that exact feeling and perspective.

The Hotel Room Series* was highly inspired by Carrie Mae Weems, who herself created a series titled “The Kitchen Table Series”. Weems series reflected how life emanates in just one small space of the world that we occupy. I wanted to recreate that with my own twist adding a look into a personal point of view, a view the camera typically doesn’t see.

*These photos were taken at The Queensbury Hotel.

About the Photographer:

Natalya Parsels was born in Glens Falls NY on November 26, 2000. She graduated Warrensburg High School in 2018 and is set to graduate May 2021 from SUNY Adirondack (Adirondack Community College). She is pursuing an A.A.S. in Media Arts focusing on photography. She hopes to start her journey of traveling the world through her camera lens this summer.

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