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Owen Douglas

How We Are

(COVID-Through the Looking Glass)

My photographs are presented to reflect the experiences of living during the pandemic and the “new norm” that all young college students have to face during this interesting time. I took pictures from both a college on-campus perspective and my online-college perspective. During this pandemic, I wanted to open up my world to you and show you how it has affected a lot of aspects of my everyday life. We have been forced to adapt  to a whole new way of living to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. These photos express snapshots of what it’s like living during this difficult time and how myself and others are making the best of a rough situation.

A photographer who has inspired me was Billy Hickey. Hickey is an award-winning photographer on an art photography website, called LensCulture, He was attending college in New York City at the International Center of Photography. He had his classes switched online like many other colleges at the peak of COVID. Hickey devised a black and white gallery called “How We Were”, which focused on portraits of him and his family’s displacement during the pandemic, and what they did to maintain normalcy even though they were forced to stay indoors during the lock down.

About the Photographer:

Owen Douglas was born in Glens Falls NY on Nov. 23, 1998. He went to South Glens Falls High school and is now attending SUNY Adirondack (Adirondack Community College). He is a Media Arts major and is getting his A.A.S. degree. He plans on becoming a graphic designer and using his knowledge of Adobe software and Photography to secure a future in the design world.

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