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Courtney Bell

The Runaway Girl

“What I am interested in is that moment of transcendence, where one is transported into another place, into a perfect, still world.”
—Gregory Crewdson

The Runaway Girl was a series of staged photographs I took of my daughter with the idea that I would stage them to look as if she ran away from home with nothing but her guitar and a few other items. I find the process of planning out a theme, the settings, and costume choices as well as accessories to be very rewarding to my creative mind. I love nothing more than a perfect photo that looks in the moment but was staged, a lot like the work of Gregory Crewdson who’s photos are staged to look like film stills.

About the Photographer:

Courtney Bell is a Glens Falls native, wife, and Mom of four children, who spent most of her life dabbling in some sort of creative art form. It wasn’t until having children that she became obsessed with taking photographs. No moment was too unimportant to capture. After mastering the craft of using a camera in manual, she went on to learn everything she could to turn those photographs into art. She is in her third semester at SUNY Adirondack and intends to graduate next semester and to continue her freelance photography career.


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