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About the Exhibition

May 3 – May 17, 2021

Photographic Project Development ART220 is a course that builds upon the technical, aesthetic, and visual language of digital photography with emphasis on art photography. Students apply their advanced camera skills and post-processing techniques to create exhibition-quality photographs. The work of contemporary fine art photographers is examined and students are encouraged to experiment with different genres of photographic expression in pursuit of a personal theme. Class final is in the form of a public exhibit. This year the virtual exhibition, Corona Renaissance: Isolation in Time, is the culminating experience, a visual presentation by each artist-photographer in the class.

Preparing for this exhibition, the class considered a title for their show and how a title would reflect their unique situation as photographers during the pandemic. As we’ve all experienced, the students talked about their sense of isolation, a “Dark Ages”, but also commented on this distinctive time in history. They talked about their history lessons and the way specific time periods were identified and remembered. Optimism reigned and from the class discussion, they decided on a Corona Renaissance: Isolation in Time, anticipating an era of rebirth and renewal.  

The photographs on display are a collection of images that reflect each artist-photographer’s approach to photographic image making. To articulate their themes and speak to the audience, an artist statement introduces each of the final projects.

Please join us for a virtual Meet the Photographers on May 6, 2021 5:00-7:00pm. See their photos and hear their voices!

Dr. Renee O’Brien, Professor of Photography

Special thanks to Jack Sirianni for creating the poster, Natalya Parsels for the class photos, and Natalya Parsels and Alyssa Gutto for hosting the virtual reception.

Special thanks to the Portfolio Development ART290 class and the inclusion of their portfolios on this website.

Special thanks to adjunct instructor, Jessica Mead, who guided me through the web design.

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